Our Founder


Our Founder

Dr. Narendra Mishra is a graduate from Institute of Medicine, a pioneer government owned Medical Institution in Kathmandu, Nepal. Being a medical Doctor, he has the first-hand experience of the difficulties and the challenges encountered by medical aspirants choosing to continue their-

Medical, Dental, Paramedical and Nursing education in a foreign country. Those experiences become his incentive to establish Aadhar Education in the hope of guiding, assisting and supporting medical aspirants.

Message from Our Founder

First, I want to congratulate you on your decision to choose a career in medicine. This is your step into a remarkable and wonderful field.

There are several options open in the field of health sciences to choose from and this makes the decision making for most of the students as well as their parents all the more complicated. So, choosing a right subject in the medical field at your early days is more crucial for your successful career ahead. Aadhar, established by a team of experts and medical doctors, provides excellent support and service to students all over Nepal and gives unlimited study opportunities across the Globe. Thousands of parents have sought our advice to find suitable Universities / Colleges for their children.

We establish strong working relationship with institutions in Nepal and abroad to provide the best possible educational solution for our students depending on their skills, competencies and personal circumstances.

We would like you all medical enthusiasts to visit us here at Aadhar to discuss your academic plans, and how we can help you pave way towards your dream of medical studies.

Dr. Narendra Mishra