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Very useful tips to secure good rank in CEE

Very useful tips to secure good rank in CEE
01 / Oct 2023


Hard work, positive attitude and a very strategic planning are keys to excel in CEE. Below are some very useful tips for you:

1. STAY POSITIVE : Keep a positive attitude throughout your MEC- CEE preparation. Image yourself as a Doctor, this will help you stay motivated all the time.

2. FOCUS ON WHAT YOU KNOW : Even if you spend a decade preparing for CEE, you won’t be able to Master in each and every topic. So, always focus on what you know rather than what you don’t know.

3. GET CONCEPTS FROM NEB TEXT BOOKS : The best book to build up your concept is none other than your NEB textbooks. Use Modules provided by coaching institutes to revise your theory and practice MCQs. Last year most of the questions asked in CEE were from NEB textbooks.

4. EXAM PATTERN AND MARKING SCHEME : Understanding the CEE exam pattern, including the marking scheme for each topic. Topics which carry more marks will require more time.

5. PREPARE A STUDY PLAN : Your study plan should be realistic. 10-12 hours of study per day is ok. Allocate specific time slots for each subject and topic. Try to follow your study schedule.

6. BUILD BASIC CONCEPTS : Questions asked in CEE are designed for those who have just passed their grade 12 exam. You need not have the genes of Einstein in your body to solve these questions. Try to understand the basic concepts of each chapter of PCB. Be “Jack of All and Master of None”

7. BUILD UP A HABIT TO TAKE NOTES : While studying, make concise notes. This will help you revise quickly and consolidate your understanding.

8. REVISE BEFORE YOU FORGET : The right time to revise what you have read before is just before your forget. Use 1-3-7-30 strategy for revision. Use notes and FLASH CARDS provided by Aadhar for revision. You can prepare similar flash cards by yourself.

9. PRACTICE MAKES YOU PERFECT : Solve chapter-wise questions and previous years' questions asked in CEE, IOM, KU and MOE entrance exams. Take regular Model exams to get a feel for the real exam.

10. LEARN FROM YOUR MISTAKES : After every Model Exam, try to know about your mistakes you have made. Work on improving those areas.

11. SEEK HELP FROM FRIENDS, TEACHERS AND ONLINE RESOURCES : If you have doubts or find certain topics challenging, don't hesitate to ask your teachers and friends. YouTube and online resources are very useful.

12. STAY HEALTHY AND HAPPY : Maintain a healthy lifestyle with proper diet with 6-8 hours of sleep. Your body and mind must be healthy for effective studying.

13. TIME MANAGEMENT : During exams, first of all, focus on easy questions. Don't get stuck on difficult questions. Move on and return to them later if needed.

14. AVOID SOCIAL GATHERINGS : This is very critical time of your life. No time WAS, IS and GOING TO BE more important than this. So, learn to say NO for any kind of social gatherings like Birthday Parties, Bihe, Bratabandha, etc.

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